Carpet Mats

Protect your carpet with Ford floor mats – Territory, FPV and XR6

To keep the interior of your Ford looking new for longer, official mats are essential to protect the carpet in your vehicle from wear and stains.

It is much easier to replace these mats than it is to try to clean them and have them looking new again if they have degraded over time from foot traffic. Jefferson Ford has official replacements available for most models, and it is important that these are used to retain the value of your vehicle.

Why use genuine car floor mats?

Every model has unique dimensions. These authentic replacements have been moulded and customised for your specific vehicle so they will provide total protection. They are also made from the most durable materials, whereas aftermarket options are usually made from cheaper products.

As the genuine options are moulded in place, they are going to provide maximum coverage and stay secured in place. Most of us have experienced cheaper alternatives that slide around and let dirt and debris get onto the carpet – you won't get that with genuine Ford options.

Our range is not only authentic, but our options come at highly competitive prices to make the choice simple.

When should I replace them?

These products are going to be subject to more wear and tear than most other items in your vehicle. The more traffic they have to stand up to, the faster they are going to wear out.

If you are the sole occupant of your vehicle, most of the time then you are likely to need a replacement for the driver’s seat, but the other mats will be fine for some time. If you are carpooling or have a family that involves constant school pickups or sporting events etc, then they are all going to wear out faster.

It also depends on the nature of your footwear and where you have been walking as well. A corporate worker with leather shoes is going to cause less wear on their carpet mats than a tradesperson with steel-capped boots, which could be caked in a range of things like mud or even concrete. 

Our official designs have been made to last and should last up to five years in most circumstances, even under heavy wear. You should inspect your mats at least once a year. If there is obvious degradation, then you can get affordable genuine replacements from Jefferson Ford.

All of the parts and accessories you need

We stock everything you need for your interior, along with a comprehensive range of genuine replacements for your vehicle’s exterior, including alloy wheels, mudflaps and centre caps for most models.

All of our parts are certified genuine, and can be delivered to your address or your mechanic anywhere in Australia.