Genuine Ford Interior Trims

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Trims – XR6, BA Falcon (AU) interiors

The vehicle trim level of your Ford will depend on the model that you purchased and the features that were included with it.

In some cases, these could be standard features and aesthetics while other models have upgraded packages that have a lot more inclusions.

Previously, these kinds of packages were purely for aesthetics and comfort levels. In 2020, there are more and more options available that include technologies, innovations and functional additions.

What is the difference between Falcon (AU) interior packages?

Accessories for your Ford usually come as standalone items, where you can get complete trim packages that include a range of features.

Trims are usually customised for the specific make and model of Ford as well, whereas accessories are often created after the vehicle's manufacture date.

The types of designs available

Essentially any aspect of your vehicle that is decorative in nature is considered to be part of this aspect.This can range from BA Falcon interior door handles through to door trims for sale at various prices. There are external and internal components and different levels of style and comfort are available.

They include almost every component of the interior design of your vehicle, including the dash, the door handle, BA Falcon armrests, handles and protective barriers.

Choosing an upgrade

Over time, the features in all vehicles – be it an XR6 or Falcon – will degrade through use and general wear and tear.

As components are specific to the make and model of the vehicle, it can sometimes be difficult to source the right parts to replace these worn or damaged parts.

Your vehicle may have come with a standard package when you purchased it as well and you might be looking to upgrade these components. Or perhaps you are working on a Ford for a project and what the best possible parts to ensure the interior is looking classy and stylish.

Jefferson Ford has a long list of components for any upgrade or project for your Ford so you can ensure the interior is looking fantastic. Ranging from BA Falcon armrests through to every door trim for sale – we have all parts to suit your needs.

These products are designed to be durable as well as looking great aesthetically and we don't have it listed, contact our team and we will do everything we can to source it.