Shock Absorbers


Ford shocks and front struts

When most people think of shock absorbers, they think about off-roading and rough terrain. But these parts are essential for all vehicles to deliver a stable drive, not just those taking on bumpy surfaces and heading off-road.

While they both have a similar job and are located near the tyres, there are several key differences between Ford Territory, Falcon BA or other model shock absorbers and struts. Your front ones are a structural part of your suspension system, while your shocks are not. Struts are also a part of the steering system.

They both effectively have the same job, and that is to stabilize all four wheels and deliver you a smooth ride no matter where you are driving. They are also important for a wide range of other functions including helping you to have reasonable control over your turning as well as your braking and acceleration.

Bad components can cause enormous problems because they influence so many parts of your driving and failing parts are also going to put more pressure on your wheels, which can lead to tyre blowouts or worse.

How do I know my shock absorbers or struts are going bad?

If you are experiencing a rough or bumpier ride than usual, it is likely that your shocks or struts are beginning to fail and you should have them inspected at the earliest possible opportunity.

You may also notice that your suspension bottoms out when you are navigating large inclines or declines like ramps or steep driveways, that it takes you longer to slow down than usual, vehicle swaying when turning or changing lanes or increased bounciness when going over speed bumps.

Jefferson Ford has all of your steering and suspension needs covered

Ensuring you have total control of your vehicle is essential, and when it comes to your steering and suspension, you should only put your trust in genuine Ford components. Jefferson Ford has the best quality parts, including suspension arms, suspension bushes and wheel bearings along with every other part and component you could need for any model of Ford.

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