Genuine Ford Window Regulators & Motors

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Genuine window regulator replacements for your Ford

The days of manually winding the windows in our cars up and down are thankfully behind us. But when the motors that power these electrical systems break down, it means we cannot open or close them at all which means they will need to be swiftly replaced.

The mechanical assembly that’s used in a lot of our range of models includes high-quality Ford window regulators, which are located inside the door panes of your vehicles. This means you can't see them, so they are sometimes out of sight, out of mind. You’ll never even notice they are there until something goes wrong.

What can cause Ford window motors to malfunction?

If your electric parts are no longer going up and down, there could be a number of reasons why. The switch itself could have become broken or faulty, the Ford’s window regulator may have failed, the electric motor may have burned out or it could be a combination of a number of these things.

Extreme cold is a leading cause of malfunction, especially in areas where there is ice and snow, but they can also fail simply because they have run their shelf life or a physical force has caused them to stop working.

How do I know my Ford window regulator could be about to fail?

The obvious sign is when the system begins to fail intermittently, sometimes working and other times not responding at all. This could mean there is something wrong with the switch, stopping the signal from getting through at times. But the most likely cause is the window regulator is overheating.

When this part is too hot, it stops working but it might come back to life again when it has cooled down. Eventually, it will burn out completely and not come back to life. If you notice your system is working intermittently, it’s time to have your assembly inspected by a mechanic.

We stock a full range of window regulator replacements for vehicles including the Ford Falcon and Territory. All of our parts are genuine and engineered for the highest of standards and for long life. And you can have any part delivered to your door or your mechanic for quick and reliable replacements.