Ford Brake & Clutch Master Cylinder Parts

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Ford clutch master cylinders

The master brake cylinder (also referred to as the master cylinder) is your link between the brake pedal and the actually stopping mechanisms in your Ford, and it is essential that this component is kept maintained and regularly replaced for your safety.

When you depress the pedal, it builds up hydraulic pressure in the master cylinder which in turn pushes a piston that injects the brake fluid through your brake lines and into the individual parts so that the brake pads can engage and you can stop safely.

How do I know my master brake cylinder could be faulty?

Ford Falcon (BA and XP) brake and clutch cylinders should be inspected properly at every service and changed at regular intervals, but it is also important that you know the signs that these parts could be failing so that you can have it replaced and avoid an emergency situation.

The simple warning is the brake light signalling on your dash. Usually, this means it is time to put more fluid into your Ford. But if you find that adding fluid does not make the light go away, or that you are putting in more than usual, that could be a sign of a bigger problem.

Anytime this light comes on when you know your vehicle is loaded with fluid it should be treated seriously, even if it is something minor like a faulty sensor, and you should have your vehicle taken to your mechanic as soon as possible.

If your brake fluid is obviously leaking out the bottom of your car, your vehicle will need to be inspected as well. And when you are operating your brake pedal, it should feel nice and firm and resistant. If it feels soft and spongy underfoot, then that could be a sign of a faulty master cylinder.

Any element of your braking system showing any signs of failure should be treated very seriously and be inspected by a professional as soon as you are able to get your car into the shop. Jefferson Ford can have authentic parts delivered to your mechanic, allowing you to get you back on the road quickly.