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Ford Roof Racks

Ford roof racks allow you to transport bulky equipment without taking up space inside your vehicle. They’re ideal for sporting gear, gardening supplies, musical instruments, and any other large objects. If you need one of these racks, you’re in the right place.

Jefferson Ford offers a broad range of roof rack assemblies and other accessories tailored for your ride. We stock genuine spare parts for old and new models to give you plenty of options. 

Jefferson Ford is one of the most prominent authorised parts distributors in Australia. We were named the 2018 Gold Master Dealer of the Year to recognise our outstanding customer service and sales performance. We strive to maintain this reputation by coming up with innovative ways to meet your demands. So explore our online store and order a roof rack today!

Ford roof racks are made of robust materials like aluminum and titanium. They can withstand even the harshest conditions, allowing you to transport your equipment securely. Whether you want to bring a bike, a kayak, or a surfboard for an out-of-town event, roof racks are the ideal solutions. 

Ford roof racks also come in handy when you’re moving to a new place. Instead of renting an expensive moving truck, you can stow your boxes on your car’s roof and secure them with bungee cords. Moreover, they free up valuable cargo space inside your vehicle to accommodate more luggage. 

Another benefit of Ford roof racks is their aesthetic value. They can make your vehicle appear suitable for any outdoor adventure. In addition, roof racks provide mounting points for additional accessories like auxiliary lights. 

Jefferson Ford offers genuine roof racks for a wide range of models. We also have a wide range of accessories, including bull bars, seat covers, and mudflaps. If you have questions, we have a passionate team of experts who are a call away. 

How to choose the right roof rack for your Ford vehicle? 

It is crucial that you consider a few factors when choosing a roof rack for your vehicle. The first thing you should do is check your vehicle’s owner manual for information like maximum roof weight and payload capacity. You can also find this information online.

You should then determine the items you want to transport on the rack. There are racks designed for specific equipment, so it pays to know beforehand the gear they’re intended for. You should also estimate the combined weight of these items to ensure it doesn’t exceed your vehicle’s capacity. 

The next thing you need to check is your car’s roof setup. There are vehicles with naked roofs, while some models have factory-installed side rails. Models with built-in side rails usually have carry bar mounting points for easy installation.

Jefferson Ford offers roof rack assemblies designed for any roof setup. You can check out the ones compatible with your vehicle by entering your car’s model, year, and variant. 

Jefferson Ford also stocks ladder racks, interior stowage racks, and roof moulding. If you need assistance, you can hop on a quick call with one of our friendly representatives.

How to install a roof rack?

The installation method for Ford roof racks varies from model to model, but they apply the same core concept. Make sure to check the included product manual before you start assembly. The manual is usually accessible online, so you can get an idea of the installation process before placing an order.

The standard roof rack package includes three components: fit kit, feet, and carry bars. If your vehicle has factory-installed side rails, all you need are feet and carry bars. 

The typical roof rack installation process goes as follows:

  1. Assemble the roof rack before mounting it on your car. Ensure you consult with the product manual before putting the fit kit, feet, and carry bars together.
  2. Install the roof rack on your vehicle and tighten it down. Most Ford roof racks clamp onto door frames, while others screw into pre-drilled holes.

The optimal placement of the carry bars varies from model to model, depending on a vehicle’s strongest segments. This information is usually indicated in the product manual, but you can always talk to our industry experts if you’re unsure. 

Where to buy the best roof rack for your Ford vehicle? 

Jefferson Ford is one of the leading online distributors of genuine spare parts and accessories. Our mission is to make affordable car products easily accessible over the internet, and our website is intentionally designed toward this end. 

All the products on our site are strategically categorised to help you find what you need quickly. Simply input your vehicle’s model, year, and variant to get filtered results in an instant. Whether you’re looking for engine components, transmission assemblies, or alternators, we’ve got you covered. 

Jefferson Ford accommodates orders from all across Australia. 

Place an order today, and we’ll have your roof rack shipped in no time. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team. Call (03) 9300 5815 now to speak with one of our representatives. You can also email us at Place your order now!


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