Roof Racks


Genuine Ford roof racks to suit most models

Installing these handy accessories provides you with so many more options when you’re on the road. You can easily get away on holidays with all of the storage you require, store your work equipment and tools, transport the entire team’s sporting gear, or the entire band’s music equipment to your next gig. Whether you own a Fiesta, Falcon, Mondeo, Everest, Territory or Ranger, we have options to suit all models.

Why install roof racks on your Ford?

These accessories are designed to be strong and sturdy, and will safely secure all of your equipment. This will deliver benefits including:

More room in your vehicle: Many of us remember those family holidays where we were crammed in like sardines with luggage – with other belongings stuffed under our feet, and in every spare space in the cabin. Those trips are cramped and not a lot of fun. Installing roof racks means this luggage can be shifted out of the cabin, so you can all stretch out and enjoy the journey.

You can transport recreational equipment: Some items are just too big and bulky to include in the cabin of your vehicle. Roof racks enable you to take them away on holiday as well. This includes items like bikes, kayaks, surfboards, fishing equipment, canoes and skis – so you are prepared to have fun in any environment.

You can transport bulky equipment: There are many reasons why you may need to move large boxes or big items that will not fit in your car’s storage compartments. You could be moving house, transporting construction supplies or equipment, delivering goods, moving sports or music equipment. Roof racks give you the ability to transport whatever you need, without a trailer.

They look good: Having a stock basic roof can be pretty bland, and adding roof racks provides an extra aesthetic that can improve the look of your car. By adding storage, a toolbox or crossbars, you can make an even bigger difference.

They improve the smell: This may sound strange, but when you are trying to stuff used sporting gear, gardening equipment with fuel and oil in them, or your fishing gear into your vehicle, it is all going to create a unique smell. Separating these items and having them on the roof means you will have a constant flow of fresh air in your car.

They provide a platform for additional features: Having a roof rack not only gives your lots of storage space, but it also gives you an anchor point to install other features you may need in the outback – like additional lights and fishing rod holders.

There is a range of official products available to protect your vehicle and provide safety features when you are in remote and rural locations.

Jefferson Ford has all of these protective and safety devices available, including towbars, bull bars and bonnet protectors that are strong, more durable and will last longer than aftermarket alternatives. Shop our range today and enjoy express shipping to your home or mechanic anywhere in Australia.

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