Oxygen Sensors

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Ford oxygen sensors for performance and safety

There are many sensors in your Ford that are used for a range of purposes, including the automation of many processes, ensuring safety and getting the most performance out of your vehicle.

Of all of the parts in your car, the oxygen or O2 sensor is probably the most important, as it lets you know exactly how much oxygen is being burned, and that the fuel mix is correct. These have been mandatory in all vehicles since the 1980s.

Modern vehicles have multiple parts like this installed, all designed to determine if your fuel mix is burning too rich (not enough oxygen) or too lean (too much oxygen). This information is sent to the computer in your engine so it can make adjustments and ensure your air-fuel ratio is correct, and that your vehicle is running smoothly.

This means that these essential components are responsible for the performance of your car, as well as the emissions you are producing, plus your fuel economy.

How do I know if my oxygen sensor(s) is faulty?

These products are not a part that will be replaced every service, like your air filters etc. They are only replaced when they fail, so it is important to know the signs that this particular part is faulty or is no longer working. 

If these parts fail and your engine computer is not getting the data it needs to alter your air-fuel ratio, it can result in major engine damage if there is overheating. The issue is that you will not get an alert on your dash like you will when other parts fail, although you may get a check engine light.

When the check engine light does come on, you should always have your mechanic investigate as it could be a range of issues. But you can tell if your O2 sensor is failing if you get a sharp increase in fuel usage, rough idling, misfiring spark plugs, or sudden dips in power or stalling.

Why should you buy official oxygen sensors?

When you buy genuine parts, you are getting products that have been specifically engineered for your model. They have uniform dimensions and specific standards that need to be met so you know you are getting a high-quality product every time. Aftermarket versions are made by third-party companies who do not have to adhere to these standards, and they will often use substandard materials which are not worth the risk.

Catalytic converters are another essential part of your fuel consumption system. If you need to replace yours, you should have your catalytic converter inspected as well.

Jefferson Ford stocks oxygen sensors, catalytic converters and every other part of your fuel system, including mufflers and connecting devices including clamps.