Heating & Cooling

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Ford heater and cooling system parts

We feel stress and can get sick if we are too hot or too cold and our vehicles are no different. Ensuring every part of your car, where the passengers and driver are seated and in the engine bay, are at the right temperature around the clock is imperative to protect your vehicle from long-term damage.

Ford Falcon (BA) heater taps, mixer shafts and accessories

Have you ever wondered how your car generates heat on those cold winter commutes? While Ford cooling system parts will provide cold air during summer, there is a special heating core in your engine that will pass warmth into the car.

This heater core operates like a smaller radiator, extracting hot air from the engine and returning it to the pump to deliver through the vents in your vehicle. But if your heat stops working, it could be a range of problems that are causing the issue.

Faulty heating parts – like heater shafts or mixer shafts and taps – are often the culprits that prevent your system from working properly, but they are not the only issue. A faulty radiator or thermostat can also cause your car to not deliver warmth when it is supposed to. No matter the fault, Jefferson Ford has all of the parts and components you need to fix the problem.

Explore a wide range of Ford Falcon radiator replacements

It is vital to ensure your Ford is being cooled correctly and there are a number of parts and components in your system that need to be monitored, repaired and replaced when they are faulty and periodically before they become an issue.

The radiator is the heart of your cooling system, and any faults with this component will cause overheating issues that can cause major damage to your vehicle. But there are also hoses, the radiator overflow, the thermostats & housing, water supply pipes and sensors that can fail and cause issues as well.

If your vehicle is overheating, do not try and continue driving. This will put stress on your entire engine and can lead to thousands of dollars in repair costs. Have your Ford towed to your mechanic to isolate the issue. During this time, we can have the official part delivered directly and expressly so you can take care of the issue before it turns into a much larger problem.