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Ford interior parts – genuine and authentic

Can't find what you need listed in our categories? There are various genuine components and accessories available, so you will always find what you need at Jefferson Ford.

For XR6, Focus, Explorer, Falcon, Territory and more

Here are some of the Ford interior parts, components and accessories, available in our genuine collection:

Replacement keys: Official blank keys with the Ford logo so you can have spares cut for others in the family, or just in case you lose your primary key.

Air filters: You can plan ahead for your next service, with official air filters for your model of vehicle. This way you are assured you are getting the best quality replacements in your service and that your mechanic isn't using inferior aftermarket varieties.

Alarm kits: Send would-be thieves packing with official alarm kits, which will emit a high-pitched alarm that’s sure to deter anyone from trying to break into your vehicle. These have also been designed to minimise false alarms.

All your entertainment needs: Whether you need an entirely new audio console or individual components, wires etc, we have everything you need to replace or upgrade your current entertainment system.

Lighting: Lens covers, wiring, bulbs, sockets – we have the complete range of lighting replacements for all models. This is important for safety, and also ensures your vehicle is roadworthy.

Mechanical components: Everything from major items like full alternator and cylinder assemblies through to all of the nuts, bolts, brackets and all connecting devices and hoses for your Ford's engine.

Wiring and electrics: Every wire, harness and sensor. We stock individual components for the entire electric system of all models, so you can have official technology in your vehicle for reliability and longevity.

Mirrors: Whether you need a side mirror for the exterior of your vehicle or a rear vision mirror for the interior of your car, we have official replacements that will fit perfectly and give you the vision required to be safe on the road.

Doors: Replacement door assemblies so you can replace any doors that have been dented or damaged too much for panel beating.

Fluids: Your oils, power steering and brake fluids etc are very important for the smooth operation and long life of your vehicle. It doesn't pay to use cheap alternatives – so prepare yourself for your next service with official fluids that have been engineered specifically for your model.

We stockall of the replacement and protective items you need for the inside of your vehicle, including boot liners, floor mats, and seat covers. Plus we have much, much more – including all springs, brackets, wires, coils, nuts and bolts in our genuine range.

This has been specifically designed for your model so they will be a perfect fit. You can also be assured they provide the right blend of protection and comfort.