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Your cylinder head at the top of your engine block is an essential component for your Ford Ranger.

This is the housing for a range of key components and parts as well as allowing for proper airflow to the system and allowing for exhaust fumes to be released.

It is vital to ensure your cooling system is working optimally at all times and you have the right levels of coolant as heat can put major stress on this area of your car.

Why you need to take care of your Ford Ranger cylinder head

When your system overheats, it puts a major stress on all of the metal and mechanical components including the cylinder head.

This heat can cause your head to crack, which can, in turn, lead to large-scale damage.

The oil in your vehicle can become contaminated, impacting every component in the assembly.

You can even cause damage to the block itself, requiring a total replacement of the motor.

If the damage is minor, this part of your vehicle can sometimes be repaired. But in most instances, it is strongly advised that the component is replaced to prevent further motor damage.

When this part of your vehicle is damaged, coolant can leak into the oil and the engine itself – causing a range of issues including a drop in performance.

It is vital to be vigilant with your servicing and maintenance to ensure your cooling system is always functioning as it should, to prevent this damage from happening.

And if you have any issues with your part, it is advised to have it replaced quickly to prevent further damage.


Jefferson Ford also has a large range of parts and components to go with your cylinder heads, including cover assemblies to suit Rangers from 2011 onwards as well as replacement retainers.

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