Genuine Ford Brake Light Switches

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Ford parking sensors and brake lights

Your brakes are a vital safety component in your Ford and not something you can afford to take chances with. There is the mechanical side of your braking system including the pedal, the booster, cylinder, lines and hoses, callipers, pistons, pads or shoes, rotors and drums – to name a few.

From Falcon to Territory and beyond, no matter what model of Ford you have, these mechanical parts need to be regularly tested and replaced before they fail. It is too late to find out they aren't working as intended when you’re out and about on the road.

Then there are the electronic components that can also fail and this is where the warning system comes into play. This system starts with a brake light switch in your that triggers and throws up an alert on your dashboard, if there are any failures occurring. Your vehicle will have hydraulic circuits set up to the front and/or rear parts of the system, and if there are any leaks or loss of fluid, you will get this notification.

How do I know if my Ford Falcon, AU, FG or Territory light switch isn’t working?

If this specific part has failed, your vehicle will still send a warning alert if the system fails. It will remain illuminated until it is replaced.

When you see a warning appear on your dash, your vehicle requires mechanical attention immediately. It is not advised that you drive there in case there is a serious issue with your system.

If you need FG Falcon brake light switch parts or parking sensors, we have official parts for your model ready to be delivered directly to your mechanic or any other address in Australia. And if there are bigger problems with your system, we have all of the official parts and components available to resolve the issue.

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