Ford Transmission Switches & Solenoids


Replace your Ford transmission solenoid quickly and easily

Your Ford transmission solenoid is the beating heart of your automatic set up in your vehicle, providing the right flow of fluid through the gearbox to ensure proper and safe operation.

The solenoid receives electrical signals from your engine, where a Ford inhibitor switch or transmission control unit instructs it to open or close at the right times and ensure gear changes are smooth. These signals are determined by the speed and acceleration of your vehicle.

A spring-loaded plunger is housed inside of the solenoid which is wrapped in a coil of wire. When the wire coil receives these electrical signals it causes the plunger to open and change gears in your transmission box.

So while these solenoids may be small in size, they play a critical role in the operation of your vehicle.

How do I know if my Ford gearbox solenoid is going bad?

In modern vehicles, you will usually be warned that there is an issue with your solenoid by a warning light on your dashboard in the form of a check engine or transmission warning alert. The check engine light could be triggered by a range of errors, though, so it is important to know the symptoms of a failing or failed part as well.

The key performance issue you will notice is delays in changing gears – your vehicle skipping over some gears, your transmission getting stuck in gear or other similar issues. You may also experience the car revving even when you have the brake on or your system getting stuck in neutral.

Should I continue to drive with a faulty part like this?

It depends on the circumstances, but the general advice is that you should not try to continue driving. You should be able to drive it a short distance to a safe stopping location as you are unlikely to do further damage, but because you will not be able to safely change gears you cannot drive any significant distances.

These vehicles – whether you drive a Falcon or another model – are also equipped with a Ford inhibitor switch, which means that if your gearbox cannot change to neutral then you will not be able to start the car.

Fortunately, replacing a transmission solenoid is an affordable and simple process and we can have authentic parts sent directly to your mechanic or your door.