Tailshaft Centre Bearings & Couplings

Ford tail shaft centre bearings and couplings

This area of your system is a component known by many names. No matter what you prefer to call it, it’s a crucial aspect of your system for transmitting mechanical power, torque and rotation through the drivetrain.

This simple cylinder connects the rear diff and the transmission, working with your axles to transmit power from the transmission to your wheels and keep you moving at the right, consistent speed. When this tail shaft or centre bearing fails, moving becomes difficult or impossible, leading to very dangerous situations on the road.

Signs of a faulty tail shaft in your Territory, Falcon BA or other Ford

Your system will give you a warning before it fails completely. If you are noticing your steering getting progressively harder to turn, that is a telltale sign that the tail shaft is on the way you.

You may also notice other symptoms like vibrations coming from under the vehicle, clunking noises, shuddering when you accelerate and/or squeaking, clicking or knocking noises. If your Ford is experiencing any of those issues, get to a mechanic immediately.

How often should I replace it?

It is important to have this regularly inspected because if you let it reach the point where it fails completely, you are going to lose power to your wheels which can place you in highly dangerous situations.

While they can last up to 150,000km because of their sturdy and simple design, they should never be taken for granted because of how important they are. You don't want to wait until these components fie completely, so ensure they are checked at every inspection.,

Couplings, beams and other accessories

Jefferson Ford stocks a wide range of accessories for your tail shaft including couplings, beam assemblies and bearings that all have our genuine seal of approval. We are industry-leaders when it comes to replacement components and have the largest range of official parts for a wide variety of makes and models.

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