Centre Caps & Nuts

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Official Ford wheel centre caps

Your wheels are a vitally important part of your car. You should never compromise on quality, because this means you are compromising on safety.

These include all of the associated parts and components that go with your wheels. Jefferson Ford stocks all of the OEM replacements you need including lug nuts, centre caps and hubcaps, all the way up to complete replacement rims for your model of Ford.

Why it is important to stick with OEM center caps for rims

When you choose to purchase aftermarket rims, they are not going to be as sturdy or reliable as official Ford options. It also means that authentic accessories are not going to fit them – and vice versa, aftermarket accessories are not going to be a perfect match for the official rim either.

Having a tyre become loose at any speed can have large consequences. When we are talking about lug nuts, we are talking about the safety of the driver and all occupants of your vehicle. Having lug nuts come loose or fall off completely is an extreme hazard. When you are talking about wheel covers and centre caps, we are talking about inconvenience as they might not fit on at all or they could become dislodged when you are driving.

For total safety and peace of mind, it is important to ensure that your rims and the associated accessories are authentic because they have been engineered and designed to be the perfect fit for your model.

Why wheel covers and centre caps are important

Having hubcaps and centre caps installed provide a nice aesthetic for your vehicle, making your tyres look nice and personalised without the need for expensive rims. When they come loose or become lost it can be unsightly to have an exposed wheel, while the other three have shiny coverings.

But it is not all about aesthetics. These caps provide essential functions as well. They are going to protect your tyres, axle and brakes from debris that can be flung up from the road, including rocks, glass and sticks. These can wear on your components, lead to damage that can be a safety hazard and mean you have to replace your tyres sooner.

Be sure to check out our range of mudflaps to further keep debris from getting in and causing build-ups of grime or damage. We also stock mats to keep mud out of the interior of your car.

Alloy rims for performance and style

If you are looking to give your car a shiny new accessory, these rims are available in a range of styles. They have been engineered to be durable as well as good looking, so you can get the best of both worlds.

These alloy wheels are also much lighter than the stock designs on your car, which means they will deliver a range of benefits, including better handling and improved fuel economy.