Ford Dust Deflectors


There are numerous types of dust, fumes and other toxic elements in the atmosphere while you are driving and the last thing you want is for them to come inside the cabin of your car. They can cause your seat covers, liners and panels to become dirty and stained, cause bad smells and in some cases can be harmful to the health of the driver and the passengers.

Ford rear dust and air deflectors stop this dust and other elements from getting into your vehicle, helping keep the back of the car clean as well. They work by using the vehicle’s aerodynamics to deflect this dust and other elements that can damage your paint, make visibility poor and ruin your interior if they get inside.

We stock more than dust deflectors

Jefferson Ford also offers a range of other protective devices for your Ford that can prevent damage to your paint and more expensive degradation to your major parts, including:

Nudge bars: These are perfect for protecting the front of your vehicle, particularly the radiator, from damage caused by minor accidents, collisions and mishaps that can occur - especially while parking. They provide an extra barrier between you and obstacles and absorb low-speed impacts to keep you and your vehicle safe.

Bonnet protectors: No matter how smooth a city road may seem, there are numerous elements like small rocks, sticks, glass and other factors that can flick up and cause damage to your bonnet or chips and cracks in your windscreen. Bonnet protectors are a plastic guard that sits at the front of your Ford that will deflect these elements and protect your vehicle from damage.

Mudflaps: These provide a barrier between your tyres and the wheel well and will stop a wide range of elements from striking your car, including mud, dirt, rocks, snow, slush and many other factors that can cause damage. This means your vehicle will look good even when you have to drive through mud and protect your vehicle from rust and other degradation that can occur.

We have a wide range of other safety and protective devices available for your vehicle, as well as genuine parts and components for your engine, interior and exterior. Don’t settle for third-party parts; get official replacements at affordable prices with Jefferson Ford.